From the Home Front in Yuba City :

Scott & Judy Roberts


What in the world??Greetings, Earthling! 

     Here's a quick shot of us coming up fast behind our friends Larry and Sharon on the Autopia motor car ride in Disneyland, just before we ALMOST crashed into them.  What a wild ride that was!  It remains one of our all time favorites.

     We set this site up mostly to provide a forum to display pictures and other information that would be of interest to our family and friends.  However, everyone is welcome to stop by and peek.

     Judy retired from Sutter County in 2011, the same year Scott retired from Butte College in neighboring Butte County. A somewhat detailed resume of Scott's lifetime work is HERE.

     For those interested, there is an ARCHIVED version of Scott's web presence from his colorful days at Butte College is located HERE. The HTML coding is pretty crude, but this was from a LONG TIME AGO and it's not like Scott had nothing to do while at work!

     The house we live in sits on just over an acre, most of which needs to be mowed several times a month. Judy bought it back in 1986. With both septic and well water, it looks and feels just like the country.  Repairs are ongoing, and lots of changes have occurred in the last decade or so.

     We got together for the first time at 2pm on Sunday, January 28, 2001 with a three hour lunch at the former Lyon's restaurant next to the Mall in Yuba City.  Any longer, and we could have had dinner in the same booth.  Actually, Scott got there at 1:45pm, just to check the place out.  At the time, Scott lived alone in north Chico at his home situated on 1/2 acre.  Most of that also needed to be mowed several times a month.  It just never ends.  In April of 2004, Scott sold his home in Chico for the move to Yuba City.  The rest, as they say is history.

     This page posting is sort of a creative outlet for us, as well as a showcase for other family interests.  You'll have to decide if we are effective as presenters. 

Thanks for stopping by the house !

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